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Your Business Phone System: On-Premise, Hosted or Cloud? You decide.

Only a few short years ago this question never even came up. It couldn't have, simply because there was no option. You see before the days of SIP trunks you had two choices - digital lines or analogue lines. Whichever you chose, and in whichever form they came (ISDN, PRI, BRI e.t.c.) you ended...


What is so great about SIP trunks?

The what, why, where, who and how of SIP trunking. Very few industries have as many acronyms as the world of telephony. It is a constant source of both pride and embarrassment that I can converse with colleagues and industry people in these acronyms. One of the few industries that does...


TWIL: Office deskphones are on the road to extinction

As pretentious as this sounds, I am writing this article from a bean bag on top of some fake grass in our new chill-out zone. No I do not work for a Google type enterprise, I work within a small consultancy company in the UK. there is only around 20 of us, but we have taken inspiration from the...


Top 5 'abilities' to look for in a telephony solution

I have written this to ensure that those buying (or being tasked with buying) a telephone system or solution for their company have considered what I believe are the top 5 features to consider. My qualifications to write this are that having worked in various technical capacities within the...


5 reasons you should be moving away from direct dials

Direct Dials (known as DDi’s or DID’s) are a common feature in most telephone systems and solutions. To be candid I think they are more hassle then they are worth, here is why: 1.) They are not even used — The vast majority of users in the SMB market do not require a DDi at all. They are viewed...